Sovereignty or Die …. Heres why the Elitists are so hell bent on the Globalist Open Borders Policies ….

Sovereignty or Die …. Heres why the Elitists are so hell bent on the Globalist Open Borders Policies ….


Watch out for the “ UN ” Earth Systems Governance PROJECT ”  This is why a Robust retooling of the USA Industrial Based is so Important !!!!!


We need to keep a Vigilant EYE on these Jackboot  ECO Fascists …. We dodged a Bullet , but they are still there trying to find support to put us all in the Ovens !!!!!!!


Pay attention to the UN ” Earth Systems Governance PROJECT ”


SEE THEIR Thinking ….


Here is the Truth about the so called Water Shortage in California  that the ECO Fascists are pushing for control with Like Bolsheviks  ….


Of course we know this is being done by Ideological Forces who see Zero Growth ,  here are some examples ,  , and here ,  , and here ,      ,  as a fundamental that needs to be achieved due to Climate Change Overpopulation growth philosophy, and that a worldwide approach of Zero Growth needs to be achieved through Financial Oppression  , but like we can see in Developed Nations the Population fundamental that is the Ideologues  reason to oppress Growth through the Central Banking system , has not considered the Fertility rates as the CIA worldbook shows  in Developed Free Thinking societies,


So to reconsider that Education with Free Thinking solutions that focus on a clear vision about population growth and our effect on our world is being understood in Developed Nations , and that to allow a better local funding of financial effects on local economies through Local banking needs to be reconsidered  .  And this can allow for better reforms to Environmental Regulation and to Tort Reform that has been devastating to the way the Court system has been used by NGOs to Promote the Zero Growth Agenda rather than a Better Education system that Promotes Free Thinking Societies to engage in Real World solutions  like how Developed Nations show is working . This is how to Argue for Reforms with the Ideologues to be more Flexible in Policy . In this Video it has a Conversation with a Federal Judge that talks about the need to Change a Law that was created in 1992 which has allowed for the NGOs Sue and Settle strategy to inflict and destroy the Industrial Sector of our Great nation . In this Video you will see the strategy thats being used across the USA now since 1992 to destroy the Industrial Middle Class society thats Transformed into a SERFDOM Society ,




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